iPhone spy applications are a powerful answer for shield your friends and family from the steadily expanding advanced weaknesses like cybercrimes, cyberbullying, and body disgracing.

iPhone spying applications are observing programming that proves to be useful whether you’d prefer to keep a tab on your child’s cell phone utilization, screen your workers’ web-based exercises, or track an objective client’s area.

In this article, you will find 7 top government agent applications for iPhone . These natural applications are really wealthy as far as the provisions they offer, see with your own eyes.

mSpy – Best iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak

Coming top of our list of the best spy software for iPhone is mSpy. The selection is based on overwhelming customers’ positive reviews on trusted media like Forbes, IBM, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot.

mSpy – Best iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak
mSpy – Best iPhone Spy App Without Jailbreak

⭐️ mSpy is compatible with virtually all devices and networks you can think of, including iPhone’s latest versions. You can easily enter the phone or tablet model you use on the app to check for compatibility.

In case you’re searching for a strong iPhone parental control device, this application is the best portable checking programming for you. With mSpy, you will stay 100% imperceptible as the application’s symbol will not be shown.

Data pretty much movements of every kind on the gadget is refreshed like clockwork distantly. Strangely, the iPhone tracker permits you to produce exhaustive reports sent directly to your customized board.


Manage calls

The app runs on your child’s phone to track all activities, including their call history. You can view the list of incoming and outgoing calls on your kid’s phone. Also, you can use mSpy to restrict unwanted numbers from reaching your kid’s phone. It allows you to prevent unhealthy communication.

Track messages

mSpy allows you to view your kid’s sent and received text messages, keep an eye on everyone your child is texting to prevent communication that could be harmful to your child.

Read messaging app

You can easily spy on what the target user is doing on their various messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat. You can view all their sent, received, and deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Track locations

mSpy makes it easier and more seamless to follow your kid’s real-time GPS location directly from the mSpy Control Panel. It also uses geofencing technology that allows you to set safe boundaries for your loved one. The undetectable iPhone spy app monitors their whereabouts and sends alert every time they breach virtual barriers.


This awesome iPhone spy app is available in two plans: Basic & Premium. The two packages are available for monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments. You can start with mSpy for as low as $16.66/mon.

🟢No jailbreak required for iPhone
🟢 Very affordable
🟢No physical access or installation required
🟢 24/7 multi-language technical support
🟢 User-friendly Control Panel

🔴 Some premium features require jailbreak

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Cocospy – Powerful No-Jailbreak Spy Software for iPhone

Cocospy is another incredible spying application for iPhone that offers a lot of checking highlights at its cost. It assists you with watching out for what’s unforgettable to you, be it your youngster’s gadget or business.

Cocospy – Powerful No-Jailbreak Spy Software for iPhone
Cocospy – Powerful No-Jailbreak Spy Software for iPhone

The program includes a tracker iPhone, permitting you to keep an eye on characterized boundaries like areas, messages, call logs, applications. Cocospy doesn’t need actual admittance to the gadget and is moderately simple to utilize.

This is an incredible iPhone spy application for the vast majority, particularly in the event that you would prefer not to escape the objective gadget. While the application offers a few essential provisions without requiring jailbreaking or establishing, certain components are just accessible for gadgets that have been jailbroken. You can peruse more with regards to the application’s critical provisions underneath –


Whatsapp Spy

You can read WhatsApp messages, check timestamps accompanying the chats, and view WhatsApp pictures.

Track SIM Location

This allows you to view network/carrier details, see the network-based location, and check the IMEI Number of the target user’s device.

Track Web History

You can view recently visited pages, track most visited websites, and read brief site descriptions. You can also access timestamps and bookmarks.


This iPhone spy is available in three plans: the Family plan is starting at $33.33/mon, the Premium one – at $10.83/mon, and the Business subscription costs $83.33/mon.

🟢 No jailbreak is required
🟢 No installation or physical access required
🟢 Easy to navigate dashboard
🟢 It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones

🔴 Limited functionalities compared to mSpy
🔴 The app is expensive

XNSPY – Affordable iPhone Spy Software

XNSPY comes third on our rundown of top spy applications, and it is one of the most suggested trackers for iPhones for guardians looking for amazing and non-meddling parental control application.

XNSPY – Affordable iPhone Spy Software
XNSPY – Affordable iPhone Spy Software

The spy software is rich with several features that enable you to keep an eye on activities going on your child’s iPhone. You can also use it to keep you updated on your employees’ activities in real-time, all the time.

⭐️ The spying app is compatible with almost every known iOS and Android device.


Track emails and online activities

You can track all emails and sites your kid or employee visits on the target device.

Multimedia files and appointments

XNSPY allows you to check all photos and videos saved on the target device. Also, you can monitor scheduled meetings.

Wi-Fi network logs

You can spy and track logs of Wi-Fi networks that the target device connects to with the date, time, and address stamps. You can also monitor the Wi-Fi-based location of the target device.

Phone calls and contacts

This spy app allows you to monitor calls on phones and tablets. You can also check all call logs and contact lists easily.


The spy app is available in two editions: basic and premium, with options for either monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions on either editor. The monthly charges for basic and premium editions are $29.99 and $35.99, respectively.

🟢 It works on all devices and networks
🟢 No installation or jailbreak required
🟢 Offers 24/7 customer support

🔴 No time controls, making it impossible to block internet access on your child’s phone during a specific time of the day or restrict how long they can be online.

FlexiSPY – Best Tracking App For iPhone with Remote Control

FlexiSPY is perhaps the best tracker on iPhone today, likewise helpful for observing PC applications, Android telephones and tablets. It consolidates essential and progressed following provisions, for example, call recording, distant video catch, and far off photograph catch.

FlexiSPY – Best Tracking App For iPhone with Remote Control
FlexiSPY – Best Tracking App For iPhone with Remote Control

❗️The FlexiSPY app is only compatible with the iOS devices supporting iOS 6.0-13.x. It also works on Android phones. However, you require physical access to a jailbroken iPhone to install the app.


Phone call recording

This function allows you to know what your child or employee says during a phone call and record.

Location Tracking

The app comes in handy with the discrete GPS tracking that enables you to know exactly where someone is at any given time.

Remote control from the web

This feature allows you to control iOS devices via a secure online dashboard. For example, you restart the target phone and check the battery level.


The app is available in three packages: Lite is starting from $29.25/mon, the Premium pricing starts at $68/mon, and Extreme costs $19.99/week.

🟢 You can monitor multiple devices at the same time
🟢 It has lots of remote control features

🔴 Subscription plans are expensive
🔴Physical access and jailbreaking are required for installation

KidsGuard – 100% Undetectable Spy App For iPhone

KidsGuard highlights as one of the most amazing iPhone spying applications for a valid justification. The application was dispatched in 2016 and has acquired wild ubiquity throughout the long term. The application accompanies many provisions and gives data and devices to guardians to protect their youngsters.

KidsGuard – 100% Undetectable Spy App For iPhone
KidsGuard – 100% Undetectable Spy App For iPhone

You can screen SMS on their iOS gadgets, track call logs, talks, and keep steady over cyberbullying, youngster gloom, and other advanced dangers kids are presented to on the web.


Social apps monitoring

This feature allows you to monitor your kid’s activities on social apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Kik.

Local tracking and geofencing:

 This allows you to know your kid’s whereabouts and ensure they are in safe places.

View Apps

This one allows you to know which apps are installed on your child’s phone.

View Calls

This feature allows you to keep tabs on your kid’s call logs.


This iPhone spy app costs $33.99/mon for its 1-month plan, $19.98/mon for the 3-month one, and $9.16/mon with the annual subscription.

🟢 The high-quality real-time local tracking feature
🟢 It works on iPhones and Android phones
🟢 It can operate in stealth mode, so the target user won’t know it is installed on their device
🟢 Works on non-jailbroken devices

🔴 Limited features compared with previously listed spy apps
🔴 No remote controlling features for iOS

uMobix – iPhone Spy App with Free Updates

Here is another extraordinary iPhone following application that allows you to screen your child’s gadget – both iPhone and iPad. The uMobix application utilizes state of the art innovation to convey an astounding encounter, without requiring escape.

uMobix – iPhone Spy App with Free Updates
uMobix – iPhone Spy App with Free Updates

The iPhone following application can keep an eye on all instant messages sent, gotten, and surprisingly erased ones. It adequately screens media, informing applications, just as the perusing history and other program exercises of the objective gadget. You need to introduce the application through the OTA (over-the-air) connect.



Allows you to record all messages sent from and received by an iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Stealth Camera

This is one of the app’s most recent and popular features. It allows you to monitor a cell phone through pictures and videos of the surroundings..

Live Control Panel

Allows the users to access all details relating to the target iPhone.


The app offers two pricing options for iPhone monitoring – basic and pro, which cost $29.99 and $69.99, respectively, as a one-time payment.

🟢 Compatible with all iOS versions
🟢 Responsive and user-friendly interface
🟢 The app offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

🔴No call recording functionality

Spyera – iPhone Spy With Money-Back Guarantee

Despite the fact that Spyera is coming seventh on the rundown, this iPhone spy application is one of the most amazing imperceptible observing applications. It has every one of the vital provisions covering call logs following and moment couriers checking. It likewise has a couple of cutting edge includes that permit you to record and pay attention to the approaching and active calls.

Spyera – iPhone Spy With Money-Back Guarantee
Spyera – iPhone Spy With Money-Back Guarantee

Also, the app can notify when there is a SIM change on the target iPhone.

❗️The app does not support iPhone 11 but is compatible with other iOS up to 10.2. For the app to work, you have to jailbreak your device.


The app offers basic features that enable you to track phone calls and messages as well as monitor PC and macOS.

Email tracker

The app can capture emails sent to the target iPhone and send them to your web account.

Ambient listening

Allows you to listen to what’s happening around the target device. All you have to do is open the microphone and listen to the iPhone’s surroundings.

iPhone spying camera:

This allows you to turn on the target phone’s front or back camera remotely and take pictures or record video.


The most affordable payment plan on the app is $189, which lasts for 3 months. Other plans cost $289.00 and $399.00 for 6 months and 1 year, respectively.

🟢 Offers all the essential features needed in an iPhone monitoring app
🟢 Allows you to spy on surroundings with a target phone camera
🟢10-day money-back guarantee

🔴 It’s quite an expensive app. Its three-month package is more costly than mSpy’s yearly premium subscription
🔴 Isn’t compatible with any of the latest iPhone models
🔴 Requires the phone to be jailbroken before you can install the app

🏆 🏆 Which One Is the Absolute Best Spyware for iPhone? for iPhone?

There is likely an endless number of iPhone spy applications out there. In any case, those 7 iPhone spy programming suppliers are shown to be both protected and compelling during the tests.

In the event that our group needed to pick only one of them, we’d go with mSpy. It is casted a ballot the best spying application for 2020 overall dependent on the accompanying:

Rich and vast features: This spying application gives you limitless admittance to significant exercises on the child’s cell phone to be certain they’re protected from cyberbullying, online hunters, high schooler gloom, or liberated from self-destructive contemplations.

Remote access without jailbreak: mSpy accompanies the right elements that permit you to watch your child from anyplace without introducing any product on their telephone or leaving the gadget powerless.

Compatibility: mSpy is viable with all cell phones, PC, and macOS.

Eminent client assistance: mSpy offers you day in and day out client care in numerous dialects, which empowers you to get fast assistance and specialized help at whatever point you need it.

Reasonable: mSpy is one of the least expensive government operative applications you can get on the lookout. The application offers various significant provisions at cutthroat costs.

Easy to understand: mSpy rank top among clients for its straightforward and simple to explore interface.

Simple to set up: It just requires 5 minutes or somewhere around there to set up the application. No jailbreaking or establishing required.

Discounts: The application is perceived for its extraordinary, throughout the entire year bargains.

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